Dr. Trav

How The Journey Began...

 Travis A. Boyle is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with 5 years of clinical experience under his belt with a specialty in outpatient orthopedic manual physical therapy. Dr. Trav’s passion for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation began as an adolescent when he suffered 2 separate sports-related ACL injuries, his junior and senior years consecutively, on opposite knees, ending with surgical intervention on both occasions. Talk about a buzz kill to every young man’s elusive dream of a sports career. He then decided to combine his love for sports with his passion for healing people and pursue a career in Physical Therapy. He soon discovered that this was the absolute perfect fit; he had found his life purpose. Dr. Trav received his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology with a minor in biology  from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and was honored as the Student Marshal of Students at the graduation ceremony for graduating second in his class in the College of Health Sciences, one of the highest honors the University awards to undergraduate students. After his Bachelors degree, Dr. Trav continued his graduate studies at UTEP, receiving his Doctorates degree in December of 2015.

How The Journey Looks Today....

Lucky for you, that was just the tip of the iceberg! “Dr. Trav,” as he has become affectionately known by his friends and community, has become 100% immersed in the business of healing people through conservative medicine. He has been traveling back and forth for 3 years to Austin, TX from his home town of El Paso for an extensive 3-year post-graduate fellowship program designed to turn the average outpatient physical therapist into the ultimate guru of human movement. He now specializes in precisely differentiating origins of pain, diagnosing and treating almost any form of neuro-musculoskeletal system compromise, and optimizing peoples strength and movement patterns for the ultimate goal of true vitality and happiness in life. Dr. Trav also works at a local hospital with an amazing rehabilitation team at his side; he treats a diverse patient population with people of all ages and all medical conditions which has helped to broaden his scope of practice. In his spare time, he teaches beginning and advanced anatomy courses for a YTT certification program supported by The Yoga Alliance, Blu Luna Yoga, and Blue Lizard Yoga. 

The Birth of Mpact Physio

We thought you would never ask! There came a point in Dr. Trav’s career where he decided the things he had learned and was using to heal people in the clinic on a daily basis was just simply too valuable not to share with the world. It was time to leave a lasting “Mpact” on peoples lives and begin to change the trajectory of health care for the masses.

No more taking pills when an exercise can fix your pain! No more getting injections/surgeries when it is simply not called for. We are here to make an “Mpact” on your health so you can be the best you can be. We are your no BS shop for everything health related. No gimmicks, no tricks, just tried and true scientific principles to heal your body and achieve your best self with tools that will last you a lifetime.

Fun Facts

  • Dr. Trav has had 3 ACL reconstructions, 1 MCL reconstruction, 1 medial meniscal repair, 2 “Herniated Discs”, a glenohumeral labral tear in his shoulder, and countless bilateral ankle sprains. Oh, and he was literally ran over by an ATV (more to come on that story later). — The beauty of this: he considers himself to be at 100% of his physical health, with no pain and no physical limitations, and feels the strongest he’s ever felt in his life – using all of the principles/strategies you are about to receive!
  • His hobbies include basketball, resistance training, cross-training, hiking, skiing, swimming, scuba diving, you name it….!
  • Teaching anatomy courses over the last several years for Blu Luna Yoga in association with The Yoga Alliance was part of the inspiration to design and create Mpact.
  • Many times you’ll catch Dr.Trav with his sidekick/pup “Shadow” along side him during many of his treatment sessions.