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It’s time to optimize your health and physical wellness through the most cutting edge principles and new-age health science. Here at Mpact Physio & Performance, we know that the quality of your physical health is in direct relation to your quality of life. We are the mechanics, and it’s time for your tune up. Join us now!

Our Mission

Eliminate pain

Let us teach you how pain really works and how you can live pain free at last.

improve mobility and biomechanics

Identify movement impairments and restore your proper body mechanics immediately.

increase functional strength

Identify and address strength imbalances and eliminate the weak points in your kinetic chain.

Improve health and quality of life

Movement is medicine, and we are your prescription.

About Mpact Physio

Our mission is to revolutionize the world of Physical Therapy by providing the precise tools needed to achieve optimal functional strength and mobility for the prevention and treatment of injury. We want you to have the ability to perform at your highest level, whether that be in sport, in your profession, or just simply being the most badass soccer mom on the planet. We believe that no person should sit on the sideline of life, watching, due to something that could be easily fixed with the right tools. Let’s get you back in the game and make sure that’s where you stay!

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What Our Clients Say

Shoulder pain was something that I've lived with since I could remember. Discomfort would turn to pain when doing a pull up at a gym or when simply grabbing a can of corn for my wife from the top cabinet drawer. Who knew that popping a few extra strength Tylenol with my pre-workout on shoulder day wouldeventually stop working. Appointment after appointment with my Primary care doctor was getting no where. According to them, years of wear and tear would only be fixed with surgical intervention. For me this was NOT an option, I would not be sidelined for the 6 week recovery period as stated by my Doctor. A little skeptical but willing, I met with Dr. Trav for a second opinion. After only a few visits, Dr. Trav was able to identify what was causing my pain and worked to strengthen the other supporting parts of my shoulder to correct my underlying issue.Couldn't be happier!
Federal Officer
Special Response Team
My experience with Dr. Trav was excellent. He was able to do a virtual assessment of my shoulder injury and figure out the problem almost immediately. He provided education on proper shoulder mechanics and how I could improve my movements and gave me a variety of athletic progressions in order to return to my normal activity safely based on the diagnosis he gave me. I would highly recommend him to any athlete.
CrossFit Competitor
I was having shoulder pain for months when lifting my arm overhead. I had difficulty with all overhead movement, even light weight push ups and pull-ups. Working with Dr. Trav, I had a virtual evaluation. He recommended specific movements, various techniques to improve my mobility in areas I didn't even realize were restricted. He then had me return demonstrate them for him while on the call. Days later he checked back with me. I was doing better already, he still evaluated me and made corrections to my techniques. In less than a week I had ZERO pain. Not decreased pain, ZERO pain!!!! I will continue to follow up with Dr. Trav for any concerns from here on out. It was the quickest most efficient fix that got me back to 100%.
Capt. U.S. Air Force
Critical Care Nurse
Dr. Trav is an amazing physical therapist! I am a dedicated gym enthusiast and Spartan competitor, yet I have always struggled with low back pain. My strength training has always been hindered by my back pain and it's been a hurdle I could never seem to overcome. Many activities would provoke my symptoms however squatting in particular would always flare my back up. Dr. Trav evaluated my squatting mechanics and was able to easily identify several components of my squat that he believed were the source of my pain. He created a specific, individualized program for me to follow and after my first session I already noticed the difference in my back. Apparently, I was squatting incorrectly all these years and didn't even know it! Dr. Trav continually monitored my progress throughout the program and was constantly tweaking the smallest details that seemed almost insignificant in my eyes. I am now proud to say that I am pain free after all of these years! Thank you Dr. Trav. Should I experience any issues in the future, he will be the first person I contact without a doubt!
Educational Diagnostician
Spartan Competitor

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